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Youth Dancers

I wanted to thank everyone who allowed my nephew (The little blonde
boy everyone wanted to dance with.) to participate in last summers
dance classes with Wayne, he had a lot of fun, so much in fact that
this year he joined a dance class at his school and was chosen from
all those in the school to be one of 6 pairs to represent the school
in the regionals. This was his first competition and he did great.
There were 13 other schools there and all had 6 pairs
participating.Each pair had to do an individual dance then to total
of all dances were added together and the highest total won. His
dance was the Tango and his school received the gold. The judges told
him afterward he was the best boy there. Now his school will be going
to the state finals to be held at the University of Texas. The
winners will receive a dance scholarship to a prominent school. I
wanted to share this with all of you and to thank you again for
letting him dance. If you could pass this on to Wayne and the others
in the class I would appreciate it. I will keep you updated on his
progress, next competition is in 2 weeks.
Diana Cox &
Dancing partner Michael Christopher. (11 yrs old)
 Sent in on 5/10/2010
Michael went to the state finals and
his team received a bronze metal. He has been wearing it for 2 days
now, he's so proud. He plans on trying out for the team competition
in the fall and hopes to compete again in the finals.
 Sent on 5/22/10